Image Gallery


Please submit your images and we will include them in our customer gallery, each photo used you will recieve free seeds for. The star Plant/ garden/ veg or the month will win a £10 voucher and all photos sent will recieve a free packet of seeds.

Please send pictures* of the veg / flowers / herbs you have grown from Jack Smiths seeds. You can also send a photograph of any work Jack Smiths has done for you, we will include these too! This includes fencing, patios, paving, turfing.

  • I understand that this must be my own photograph and give Jack Smiths permission to use it:

*please ensure they are your own photo and by sending your photos you are agreeing to us using it in our customer photo gallery.

Also any photos you have taken of any plant (not just ones grown from Jack Smiths seeds) whether it be flower, veg, herb, fruit - picked or unpicked can be sent to us for us to use on our website in exchange for free seeds. If you have a number of photographs we could use on our website please email us with the details and we could arrange for you to have a regular supply of seeds, garden products in exchange for some photos.

All photographs must be your own please do not steal any off the internet etc